双 旗 币

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After the founding of the Republic of China, the copper dollar continued to be widely used. In 1914, the copper yuan was officially renamed "copper coin". The biggest difference between the copper coin issued by the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon pattern was replaced by Jiahe pattern composed of rice ears. Most of the copper coins cast by the provinces are the flag pattern of the two sides of the fork, and there are the words "opening commemorative coins" or "Chinese Republic of China copper coins".

藏品币正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“中华民国”4字,下面为记值“开国纪念币”;正面面珠圈内图案为两株稻穗组成的嘉禾纹。背面绘制一对旗帜。双旗币现存世量极少,具有很高的收藏和投资价值。藏品虽经历了无穷岁月,但纹路依然清晰可见,上面的锈迹也见证了其历史的积淀,具有非常明显的历史过渡性特征,有着难以言喻的收藏价值。两枚铜币保存完好,钱文、轮廓 的清晰程度好,具有很高的如需收藏购买、历史价值、艺术价值和收藏价值。

In the center of the front face of the coin, there are two crossed national flags, the upper part is the "Republic of China" 4 characters, and the lower part is the value "Dang Shitong Yuan." Draw a pair of flags on the back. Double flag coins have very few existing in the world, and have high collection and investment value. Although the collection has experienced endless years, the texture is still clearly visible, and the rust on it has witnessed its historical accumulation. It has very obvious historical transition characteristics and has inexplicable collection value. The two copper coins are

well-preserved, and the text and outline of the coins are well-defined. They have a high collection value, historical value, artistic value, and collection value.

通过银铜机制币的研究了解,可放映出我国近代历史、经济、金融的兴衰和沧桑,且像这种双旗币处于特殊的历史时代背景,更是值得收藏与研究。也正是这历史银河中组成的重要部分。就其特定的历史时期也使它在钱币史上占据着重要的地。而且材质珍贵,艺术价值高,由贵重金属或白银合金铸造,制作精美,图案考究,文字清秀,内容丰富,银光灿烂,其貌可人,也具有一定的保值和升值功能。    Through the study of silver-copper mechanism coins, it can show the rise and fall of China's modern history, economy and finance, and the vicissitudes of life, and this double-flag currency is in a special historical era background, and it is worth collecting and researching. It is also an important part of this historical galaxy. It also occupies an important place in the history of coins in its specific historical period. Moreover,

the material is precious and has high artistic value. It is made of precious metal or silver alloy. It is exquisitely made, the pattern is exquisite, the text is delicate, the content is rich, the silver is bright, its appearance is pleasant, and it also has certain value preservation and appreciation functions.