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弘扬长征精神 传承红色文化,隆重纪念中国工农红军长征胜利会师八十周年之特别奉献长征胜利会师宝玺。红军不怕远征难,千山万水只等闲………这首七律是作于长征即将胜利结束前不久的途中,作为红军的领导人,领袖在经受了无数次考验后,如今,曙光在前,胜利在望,他心潮澎湃、满怀豪情地写下了这首壮丽的诗篇。八十年前中国工农红军长征胜利会师,开创了中国革命的新局面,红军长征更造就了伟大的长征精神。2016年是中国工农红军长征胜利会师八十周年,为此特铸《长征胜利会师宝玺》以示纪念。

Carry forward the spirit of the Long March and inherit the red culture, and solemnly commemorate the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army. The Red Army is not afraid of the difficulties of the expedition. Thousands of thousands of mountains and rivers just wait for leisure... This seven laws were written shortly before the end of the Long March victory. As the leader of the Red Army, after the leader has withstood countless trials, now, the dawn is ahead. Victory is in sight, and he wrote this magnificent poem with passion and passion. Eighty years ago, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army successfully joined the Long March and created a new situation in the Chinese revolution. The Red Army's Long March has also created a great Long March spirit. 2016 is the 80th anniversary of the Long March Victory of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army. For this purpose, the "Long March Victory" is specially cast to commemorate.


The Long March, which began in 1934 and ended in 1936, during the 25,000-mile Long March, the People’s Liberation Army overcame various difficulties, crossed 11 provinces, captured more than 700 counties, fought more than 300 times, and broke through the enemy’s Encircled heavily, captured the Jinsha River twice, forcibly crossed the Dadu River, flew over the Luding Bridge, climbed snowy mountains, crossed the grassland, and traversed uninhabited areas. I did not know how many people died. Finally, they successfully reached the northern Shaanxi revolutionary base, creating a new world of Chinese revolution. Created a great miracle in human history! The victory of the Red Army's Long March was the key to turning the Chinese revolution from danger to safety. The victory of the Long March shows that the Communist Party of China and the Red Army of Workers and Peasants under its leadership are an invincible and powerful team. A huge driving force for the advancement of the People’s Army. And left an inexhaustible ideological wealth for future generations-the spirit of the Long March. In order to carry forward the spirit of the Long March and inherit the red culture, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the National Mao Zedong Memorial Friendship Association will lead and supervise the production of Hetian Yu's "Long March Victory Meeting Master Baoxi" art collection to commemorate.

长征永远是世世代代传颂的精神和力量,信念和希望。长征是用血、用生命为中华名族铺就的红色路基,让长征精神永放光芒。毛泽东主席曾经在红军长征胜利后题字: “ 红军会师,中国安宁”相信寄托着美好寓意的“长征胜利会师宝玺”一定会带给藏家心理和财富上的喜乐安宁!

为突出中国工农红军长征胜利八十周年这一重大事件, “ 长征胜利会师宝玺”特甄选天然白玉为载体, 进行创作、设计、雕刻。此藏品色泽亮丽,玉质细腻温润,升值潜力很大,具有极高的收藏价值。

The Long March is always the spirit and strength, faith and hope passed down from generation to generation. The Long March is a red roadbed paved with blood and life for the Chinese clan, allowing the spirit of the Long March to shine forever. Chairman Mao Zedong once wrote after the victory of the Red Army's Long March: "Red Army Reunion, China Peaceful" I believe that the "Long March Victory Reunion Baoxi" entrusted with beautiful meaning will definitely bring joy and tranquility to collectors' psychology and wealth!

In order to highlight the important event of the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March of the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants, the "Long March Victory Meeting Master Baoxi" specially selected natural white jade as the carrier for creation, design and carving. This collection has bright color, delicate and warm jade, great potential for appreciation, and extremely high collection value.